The second largest city of Oman, Salalah is a coastal city rich in history, culture and natural splendor. Travelers will have so much to relish on this old coastal city, from extensive beaches facing the Arabian Sea to popular archaeological sites, and markets filled with local goods and foods.

If you are still not sure what to do in Salalah Oman, let us guide you through.

Explore the beautiful waterfalls:

There’re some really gorgeous waterfalls to explore during the Khareef Season in Salalah including Ayn Athum, Ayn Khor, Waterfall at Wadi Ayn, Waterfalls at Ayn Tubrook, etc. These Waterfalls can be witnessed during the Khareef season only and relies on the amount of rain.


Stroll at the immaculate Mirbat Beach & leave your footprints:

Mirbat Oman – a popular fishing town located 75km east of Salalah, is 1 of the 10 wilayats of Dhofar Governorate. A great number of beautiful beaches can also be explored in Mirbat & on the way from Salalah to Mirbat.


Stroll at Ad Dahariz Beach Walkway:

One of Salalah’s best beaches, Ad Dahariz Beach is a long extension of immaculate, white sand beach enclosed by uncountable coconut trees. Of late, the development & embellishment work on Ad Dahariz Beach was concluded and opened to tourists in Khareef 2015.


Drive to Ayn Sahalnoot:

This is yet another popular place to visit in Salalah. The valley features impressive & gorgeous natural scenery that can be explored while driving around the valley. Drive to the top of the mountain is a drive to not forget as roads have ups & downs and trees on both sides.


Enjoy fresh coconut beverages at Fruit Huts:

Salalah’s Fruit Huts are popular for the fresh fruits especially coconut. Having coconut water at any tropical style fruit stalls is a rejuvenating experience, recommended for all.


Offer prayer at Sultan Qaboos Masjid:

Located in the City Center, Sultan Qaboos Masjid is the biggest mosque in Salalah. It is a massive mosque & a really great architectural composition to explore. You will see the prayer hall is decorated wonderfully with green carpets, wall patterns, and chandeliers.


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