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5 Great Spots Where You Can Have an Ultimate Feel of Nightlife in Oman

Are you a party animal looking for the best places to enjoy your nightlife during a tour to Oman? Full of glamour, glitz and energy, the nightlife in Oman feels like a journey into the territory of clubs, bars and party locations. The Oman has many licensed bars, clubs, pubs, and discotheques where you can drink and dance the whole night. Dance and entertainment will be your special privilege in these places. You can have a close look at the nightlife in Oman which is mostly confined to dance clubs, pubs and lounges. Many of these Oman clubs have live performing bands to entertain tourists throughout the night with classical as well as international music. But if you are not interested in drinking and partying out, then you can spend your nightlife in Oman either by going to see a movie in theatre or enjoying sunsets at the Shatti al Qurm beach area. There are numerous options for enjoying the best nightlife in Oman. You can visit the nightlife centres of some of the most popular hotels in Muscat to enjoy as much as possible during night. The excitement of Nightlife in Oman usually starts from bars and pubs. In these places you can drink, dance and enjoy snacks as well as music. After a tiresome day of tourist activities, you may end up at certain places where nightlife in Oman beams the best.

From high-class bars in the Muscat’s exclusive hotels to more moderate British-inspired pubs in some of the upper-class to mid-class city hotels and live Indian or Arabian music performing bars, you have excellent options for nightlife in Oman. Nevertheless is drinking inexpensive, and in the fanciful bars of the city that look far more appealing, you are likely to empty your pocket very fast.

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Hanging out with your family or friends in Oman over a cup of coffee or freshly prepared juice at one of the local coffee shops can provide a cheaper and more pleasant Oman nightlife experience - the cafes in Muttrah Souk and beside the Ajman corniche are very attractive locations to feel the breeze and see the world move by.


It is worth considering going anywhere like Kargeen or Al Candle Café after evening and chilling out there with a cup of Turkish coffee and a Shisha. For a more high-class distinction on the same idea, evening tea in Al Bustan or the Grand Hyatt can be considered.

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Nightlife in Oman is never unexciting or dull – you can be part of two of its most admired night activities and enjoy late-night shopping at the nearby Lulu hypermarket or driving at high speeds up and down Sultan Qaboos Street. Whether you are international tourist or Western expatriate, the nightlife in Oman tends to revolve around an experience of drinking and dancing in the local pubs and bars. List of five great locations for enjoying your nightlife in Oman are given below.

Let’s have a look at five great spots where you can have ultimate feel of nightlife in Oman:

Muscat Seeb Airport Plaza Premium Lounge

  1. Club Safari and Habana Sports Bar in front of the of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Muscat
  2. Zouk Club at Crown Plaza Hotel in Muscat
  3. The Vault Bar at Hormuz Grand hotel in Muscat
  4. Copacabana Nightclub in Grand Hyatt Hotel of Muscat

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